GradeProof offers automated high-quality spelling, grammar and rephrasing suggestions to improve the flow and eloquence of your writing. It instantly correct spelling, grammar and eloquence, helping you check for and avoid all kinds of embarrassing mistakes. Our system is powered by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology that provides real-time feedback on your writing. It not only helps you reduce mistakes, but actually helps you become a better writer.

Pro Features:

Eloquence Engine


The Phrasing Engine searches for ways to improve the flow and eloquence of your writing style. This includes changing sentence structure, vocabulary and other enhancements to produce clearer writing.


The Efficiency Engine looks for wordy language that can be more concisely expressed. This helps writers to be more specific with their writing and more effectively convey their ideas.

Advanced Grammar

Word confusion

Powered by our AI Word Confusion engine, GradeProof looks for errors of commonly confused words, including homophones and oronyms. This advanced engine ensures that all the words you use are suited to the context of your writing and are not mistaken for other, similar words.


The Punctuation Engine looks for issues around punctuation, including appropriate spacing and choice of punctuation. This includes the use of full stops, commas, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes and quotation marks.


The Capitalisation Engine looks for cases when words are not capitalized but should be. This includes names of well-known events, places, titles and other specific circumstances.


The Repetition Engine looks for words or phrases that have been unnecessarily repeated. Analysis of this will allow the writer to improve the flow and quality of their writing.

Plagiarism Engine

Check the originality of your document by searching and comparing it to publicly available text on the internet. This allows the writer to ensure the integrity of their work, especially useful for students who are submitting assignments that will be checked for plagiarism.

Free Features:


GradeProof's spelling engine will check every word in your document against the English dictionary. GradeProof’s smart algorithm will give you the best correction suggestion for each of the spelling mistakes.

Basic Grammar

The Grammar engine searches your document for any grammatically incorrect phrases. This includes mistakes with tense, duplicated words and phrases, incorrect use of punctuation, incorrect phrases and subject verb disagreements.


We are available on 4 platforms; Google Docs, iOS, MS Word and the Web. On our iOS and web versions, you can easily import Microsoft Word documents or copy/paste any text for instant analysis. On Google Docs, simply open the GradeProof add-on from the 'Add-ons' menu and then click 'View Suggestions' in the GradeProof sidebar.

Coming soon!

Take GradeProof everywhere you type with GradeProof Chrome browser plug-in! Coming soon...


We have both Free and Pro plans for GradeProof, offering different levels of service. You receive Spelling, Grammar and basic Phrasing suggestions on our Free plan. Upgrading to GradeProof Pro enables our advanced AI-based Eloquence Engine, which offers more powerful rephrasing suggestions and structural changes. Pro Plans also provide 50 plagiarism checks per month to ensure the originality of your work. You can find out more at our Pro Plans Page.